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They were my first attempts at psychedelic exploration on my own. Empty apartment in New York City, healthy breakfast of eggs and avocados, and I was ready to drop the tab of acid, only after taking a pill of 5-htp. It was his apartment, and everyone but I had left to go to work. My work was about to kick, the work on my psyche. The apartment had taken on a new life and I was experiencing all of it. I found a long full-length mirror on the wall, and I decided to inspect myself.

My 1st LSD Acquaintance (Trip Stories) - Storytime

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Feb 23, Microdosing, moderate doses, heroic doses in this article we share a collection of LSD stories from across the psychedelic community. The following are stories and thoughts by the users of Lysergic Acid Diethlyamide So, the four of us sat on the couch in the living room watching Adult Swim on.
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Is LSD a great spiritual teacher? Or indeed a teacher at all? My answer is an emphatic "Yes", even though there will always be students who learn nothing from their teachers or misuse what they do learn.

Animate LSD Simulation: “An Interactive Trip” (EDUCATIONAL CONTENT)

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The following are stories and thoughts by the users of Lysergic Acid Diethlyamide about their experiences and events while on the drug. A couple years ago me and a few of my friends, who were heavy into acid back then, were sitting around one of their houses. They asked me if I wanted to try it, it being my first time. I accepted kind of nervously at first, but after hearing their stories I was actually really excited.
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